TIRÉH is the first dedicated premium aperitif from Germany. Handcrafted of finest ingredients. All natural.

TIRÉH – The spirit of excitement.

TIRÉH – The spirit of excitement.

TIRÉH – The spirit of excitement.

The Premium Aperitif

Handcrafted in Germany
Experienced Worldwide


Explore probably the most exciting aperitif in the world from Southern Germany. Handcrafted of exquisite vermouth, finest fruit brandy and thirteen botanicals. All-natural. The perfect companion for you and your friends for a meal, casual drinks or urban adventures by night.

TIRÉH – The spirit of excitement.

If it has to be special.


Prepare, serve and enjoy the perfect TIRÉH aperitif. Discover your way to make the perfect TIRÉH. Try them all. Pure. Spritz. Tonic. Negroni.

Experiment. Make your own.



If you’re planning that special dinner or a Happy Hour at home or want to bring a special gift to a friend’s house, look no further. Buy your TIRÉH here directly from the source. And check out our bundle offers.

If it has to be special and convenient.


Want to experience the TIRÉH world? Thirsty for an adventure?
Explore our JOURNAL for some inspiration. Go on!

  • There is no mystery behind the name of NEUN (German for number nine): The house number of the location was chosen by the owner as name for his restaurant.

  • Money flew at Colognes new first address for exclusive jewellery and watches. To be precise, it was thrown.

  • Thinking about a gift for someone special? Or planning to bring something exciting to a friend’s house? Look no further.

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